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Our Services

We are always happy to help you to bring mulch to you. We are located in Los Angeles but we deliver mulch in many areas of southern California. We deliver in surrounding areas such as the Counties of Pasadena, Orange County, San Bernardino. We also deliver in Santa Barbara, San Diego and Ventura county. Whether you know the kind of mulch that you need for your garden or you are unsure we are here to help you decide. Simply send us a picture (at 323-638-3588) of your garden and will suggest you a couple of options. 



We offer professional services of plant trimming, much gravel, walking on rocks, and planting. Contact us for a quote. Also, we offer irrigation services and sprinkle. The severe drought in California's summer seasons is leading people to change from water sprinklers to water drips to save water. Water drips minimize water waste from evaporation and allow most of the water to be absorbed by plants. 


Adding woodchip to 

In this landscape, we removed weeds and dried out leaves. We then place 2 inches of "black woodchip" throughout the area. This woodchip retains its original color for at least one year. Perfect for big areas that don receive much maintenance from the gardener, such as hilltops and hillside.  

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